Environmental Noise Impact Assessments

For developments above a certain size or for planning applications where there is a potential for noise impact, it is now a standard requirement for local authorities to request that an environmental noise impact assessment be submitted as part of the planning process. CLV Consulting regularly carry out environmental noise impact assessments to assess and predict the noise impact from existing or proposed facilities against the most appropriate standards and / or guidance. The noise impact assessments are often included as part of a planning application or in the noise and vibration chapter of an Environmental Impact Statement.

Survey and assessment procedures are typically carried out based on appropriate guidance documents such as the Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG24) Planning and Noise, the EPA’s document NG4 – Guidance Note for Noise: Licence Applications, Surveys and Assessments in relation to Schedules Activities (NG4), the British Standard BS 4142:2014: Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound, the British Standard BS8233: 2014: Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Community Noise.