LEED & BREEAM Acoustic Credit Assessments

LEED & BREEAM certification provides a framework for demonstrating sustainable, efficient, and cost-saving green building designs, which offer environmental, social and governance benefits. LEED & BREEAM certifications are both recognised as symbols of sustainability achievement. CLV Consulting has extensive experience in carrying out acoustic compliance assessments for both sustainability framework systems.

The LEED v4.1 Acoustic Performance credit requires assessment of two of the following three elements of a building design for 2 LEED points (and all three for a total of 3 LEED points):

  • HVAC Background Noise;
  • Sound Transmission; and
  • Reverberation Time.

BREEAM splits its acoustic assessment into two different credits:

  • Hea 05 Indoor Ambient Noise & Sound Insulation Credit; and
  • Pol 05 Reduction of Noise Pollution Credit.

CLV Consulting offers a detailed compliance assessment and testing services in respect of each of the above credits. Individual assessment technical reports are provided in respect of each of the above LEED elements / BREEAM credits along with the completed acoustic performance calculator for LEED assessments.

As part of the assessment process, CLV will review the architectural / mechanical design in order to determine if modifications are required for demonstrating compliance. This review can either take place as a post-design review or carried out integral with the design progression of the building so that all necessary considerations are ‘designed in’.

We are also happy to carry out cursory reviews of building designs in order to give an informed indication as to whether or not acoustic credit compliances can be achieved prior to carrying out a full assessment.

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