Building Vibration Surveys

Surveys for monitoring the vibration impact to buildings from construction work are now a regular requirement for some developments. These are carried out to ensure that no damage occurs to a building from construction works or that the residents within a building are not subject to discomfort. The surveys are also carried out so that it can be demonstrated that the project was carried out in a responsible and professional manner.

Vibration monitoring is also typically conducted for buildings adjacent to railway lines, mines or quarries where blasting occurs or other vibration generating operations take place.

CLV Consulting
CLV Consulting
CLV Consulting

CLV Consulting can carry out continuous vibration surveys for both large and small scale projects. We can also install unattended monitoring equipment that can be set to send an immediate notification by text message when a pre-established vibration threshold level is exceeded.  This not only ensures that exceedances are minimised, it also helps project managers to identify both equipment and processes that are causing this exceedance in real time.

CLV Consulting carries out vibration surveys in accordance with the following relevant standards:

  • British Standard BS 7385-2 (1993): Evaluation and measurement vibration in buildings Part 2: Guide to damage levels from ground borne vibration;
  • British Standard BS 5228-2 (2009): Code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites Part 2: Vibration;
  • British Standard BS 6472-1&2 (2008); Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings