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CLV Consulting is a multidisciplinary acoustic and vibration consultancy offering specialist design and assessment advice in respect of Architectural / Building & Environmental Acoustics and both Structural & Occupational Noise & Vibration.

CLV Consulting was established in 2009 in order to provide domestic acoustic deign and assessment services for Irish and UK architects / developers whilst also conducting a significant amount of building design work for projects in the Middle East. CLV has experience that stretches across each building market sector and into all forms of building constructions. Based in Cork, we also spend a significant mount of time in the UAE in order to support our Middle Eastern projects.
CLV Consulting is a member of the Institute of Acoustics who have awarded them certificates of competency in Building Acoustic & Environmental Measurements. They have also been approved as competent sound insulation testers by the Sound Insulation Testing Register (Ireland).


CLV Consulting Niall Vaughan, MIOA. Niall has an honours degree in Environmental Science, a diploma from the Institute of Acoustics in Acoustics & Noise Control and is a corporate member of the IOA. Niall has over fifteen years of experience working in the field of acoustics and specialises in the areas of environmental acoustics, vibration and compliance surveys.

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CLV Consulting

Brian S. Johnson is an internationally experienced acoustic consultant who has been working in the fields of architectural / building acoustics and noise control since 1994. In addition to Ireland, he has been based in America, UK, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and is a corporate member of the Institute of Acoustics. Brian is a specialist in the fields of building and architectural design acoustics and holds certificates of competence in both building and environmental acoustic measurements as well as being SITRI certified.

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The core principles of CLV’s work ethic are:

  • Understanding client requirements
  • Providing first-rate acoustic consultancy services
  • Presenting deliverables that are clear and practical and provided in a succinct manner within agreed time frames at a reasonable cost